Company Profile

The Tree Lab is a New Zealand-based company owned by Jenny Aitken Biotechnologies Ltd.

The company specialises in the commercial tissue culture propagation of trees and woody plants for the global market.

We are able to receive, propagate plant material in our own laboratory and return client's special superior germplasm and varieties ready for planting out in a greenhouse. Assistance with import/export to anywhere in the world can also be given

Your plant material can be stored for short or long periods of time by either cold storage or cryopreservation. It will be kept safe for growing-on at any time of the year.

Regulatory documentation and transport (import and export) of all plant stages will be efficient.

The Tree Lab will commercially scale-up plants in the laboratory either by organogenesis or somatic embryogenesis. Pre- and post-lab phases can be carried out by the client.



Dr Jenny Aitken - The Tree Lab PO Box 11236, Palm Beach, Papamoa 3151, New Zealand - Contact: Mobile: 64 275 724 286